Lauro Flores- 2002

Beyond the beauty of his paintings, Alfredo Arreguin has always had a beautiful soul openly embracing collaborations and proud to celebrate his friends.  They have, in turn, celebrated Alfredo showing everyone what the world could like in the ideal.

One of his chief collaborators has been his historian, friend and scholar, Lauro Flores of the University of Washington.  The book Alfredo Arreguin: Patterns of Dreams and Nature was published by the University of Washington Press.  

In 2016 a new collaboration began wi!: The art of Alfredo Arreguin and Doug Johnson,  Part of that collaboration was a scholarly article.

     Realizing that Alfredo has impacted many people over the years sparked an idea.  A collaboration of writers from around the world that could celebrate Alfredo the way that he has celebrated writers such as Raymond Carver, Tess Gallagher, Eduardo Galeano and Pablo Neruda.  To honor that connection Paul McVeigh will be contributing, as an internationally known author and big fan of Raymond Carver!  We also have many scholars and are honored to have Lisa Alvarado as well as many other scholars!

     With the kindness of Lauro Flores, a new book project was born and so in the fall of 2018 you will have the chance to read Alfredo Arreguin's World of Wonders: Critical Perspectives. It will be co-edited by Lauro and Doug and published by Cave Moon Press.  So please pick up a copy of Lauro's book from the University of Washington Press at this link, if you have not already and look out for more celebrations and collaborations in the future.

Doug and Alfredo at ​In the Shadow of a Master

A l f r e d o   A r r e g u i n

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Good Harvest- Alfredo Arreguin, 2006

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Cesar Chavez: Sombra de Arreguin- Doug Johnson, 2015

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Disgo and Frida, Alfredo Arreguin, 1998

10,000 caras son uno: Sombra de Arreguin- Doug Johnson, 2015

Lauro Flores and Doug Johnson 2018