10,000 caras son uno: Sombra de Arreguin- Doug Johnson, 2015


Good Harvest- Alfredo Arreguin, 2006

Cesar Chavez: Sombra de Arreguin- Doug Johnson, 2015

Doug and Alfredo at ‚ÄčIn the Shadow of a Master

Lauro Flores- 2002

Disgo and Frida, Alfredo Arreguin, 1998

Lauro Flores and Doug Johnson 2018

A l f r e d o   A r r e g u i n

A r t i s t

Beyond the beauty of his paintings, Alfredo Arreguin has always had a beautiful soul openly embracing collaborations and proud to celebrate his friends. One of his chief collaborators has been his historian, friend and scholar, Lauro Flores of the University of Washington.  The book Alfredo Arreguin: Patterns of Dreams and Nature was published by the University of Washington Press.

Through a two year collaboration, we are pleased to announce the pre-sale of Alfredo's next book, (with the cover of Tess, posted just to your right.)

We have 3 ways to take orders for pre-sales of Alfredo Arreguin's new book.  The retail price on the internet will be $47.95. With shipping handling and tax, that comes to $66.00.  This pre-sale offer to the Cave Moon Press tribe comes with a 25% discount. $49.50!

There will be live events,with further discounts, but if you aren't available for those situations, we are making this available to the Alfredo Arreguin tribe!

1) Use Google Wallet by clicking the dollar sign in the task bar, when you send a message to "cavemoonpress@gmail.com"
2) Use Paypal by sending money to "cavemoonpress@gmail.com" to the friends and family section.
3) Send a check to Cave Moon Press/P.O. Box 1773, Yakima WA, 98907.

4) Click on this link to pre-order from

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In all cases, please follow up your order with a message on Facebook or an email so that Cave Moon Press can ship it to correct place when the book becomes available in September.  Thanks!!